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In the picturesque town of Pontedera, Italy, amidst rolling hills and tranquil landscapes, a football prodigy emerged—Samuele Ricci. His journey from local talent to international sensation is a testament to his dedication, skill, and the unwavering support of his family. 

Goal 90 brings to you a journey with one of Italy’s prodigal sons, Samuele Ricci. His personal life, family, special relationship, his ascendance, and his future.

Hometown Hero

Samuele Ricci’s football odyssey began in Pontedera, a beautiful town 30 kilometers away from Empoli. From the onset, his passion for the sport mirrored the fervour of countless Italians, yearning to carve a career on the field. Serie A’s Empoli spotted his raw talent at a tender 16, swiftly ushering him into their youth ranks.

His journey evolved swiftly, navigating through Empoli’s youth, U17, and U19 squads. The 2020/21 season marked a pivotal turn—Empoli triumphed in Serie B, clinching promotion to the esteemed Serie A, while Ricci, a beacon of excellence, seized the Manlio Scopigno award, a testament to his unrivaled prowess.

His stellar performances beckoned the attention of Torino FC, a bastion of Italian football with seven league titles to their name. A loan beckoned, and Ricci, unfazed by the enormity of the stage, displayed his artistry on Torino’s turf. His loan spell was nothing short of spectacular, prompting Torino to seal the deal permanently, acquiring the promising midfielder for a noteworthy €8.50 million—a testament to his meteoric rise and a story etched with ambition, talent, and unwavering dedication.

Sibling Ties

In the world of sports, the Ricci household harboured not one, but two stars. Samuele Ricci, the football prodigy from Pontedera, found a kindred spirit in his elder sister Sara. While Samuele dazzled on the football pitch, Sara’s prowess shone brightly on the basketball court, representing Bf Pontedera.

Samuele Ricci

Yet, beyond their individual sporting triumphs, their bond radiated a rare warmth. Sara’s Instagram painted a canvas of their relationship—each post a testament to her unwavering support and unspoken pride in her brother. Her feed, a mosaic of their journey together, spoke volumes of a sibling connection steeped in admiration, love, and a shared pursuit of success. Their story wasn’t just about individual achievements; it was a symphony of mutual encouragement and a celebration of each other’s victories—a testament to the beauty of an unbreakable sibling bond.

Samuele Ricci Relationship

Samuele Ricci’s life off the field is adorned with the presence of Elisa Giordano, his devoted partner in life’s journey. Their relationship, nestled away from the fervent stadium lights, radiates a quiet dedication and contentment evident in their shared moments. Their Instagram profiles, a digital scrapbook of their affection, often showcase glimpses of their togetherness, a testament to the happiness they find in each other’s company. Amidst the whirlwind of football and fame, their bond stands as a haven—a testament to mutual support and the joy found in each other’s presence.

Transfer Magnet

Samuele Ricci, at a mere 22, emerges as a beacon of promise not just within Italy but on the global football stage. His talent has drawn the attention of revered clubs like Lazio, Real Madrid, Arsenal, and Manchester United, all vying to secure the services of this exceptional midfielder. Renowned for his technical prowess and vision on the pitch, Ricci’s skills often draw comparisons to the legendary Italian maestro, Andrea Pirlo. His profile in the footballing world is more than just intriguing; it’s a testament to an extraordinary talent poised to leave an indelible mark on the sport’s grand stage.

Quirks and Hobbies

  • It’s been over a year since Samuele Ricci is learning to play the guitar. The first ever song that he learned was Coldplay’s Fix You. 
  • In addition to his passion for football, he also enjoys playing the game Football Manager, immersing himself in its strategic challenges and gameplay.


Samuele Ricci’s ascent in the footballing realm isn’t merely a narrative of goals scored or matches won; it’s a testament to the unwavering passion, familial bonds, and an undying commitment to the beautiful game. As the spotlight shines brighter on this midfield maestro, clubs vie for his signature, eager to harness the talent likened to Andrea Pirlo. With each match, Samuele Ricci edges closer to etching his name among football’s elite—a hometown hero destined for greatness.

Aravind Nair

Aravind Nair

Hello, this is Aravind Nair from India. Football has been an integral part since the formative years of my life. Football has been an exemplary and metaphor for multiple aspects of life that has made me appreciate the game even more. Beyond the capitalistic notions that drive football, it is ultimately the meaning of life and resistance of the concurrent ethos that is always preserved through time and celebrated with an air of mystery and wonderment, numbers are just numbers.
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Player Info

Full Name

Samuele Ricci


Not Known

Date Of Birth

August 21, 2001

Place Of Birth

Pontedera, Italy




Native Italian


1.81 m (5ft 11 in)

Marital Status



  • Mr. Ricci (Father)
  • Mrs. Ricci (Mother)

Professional Career

Current Team

Torino FC

Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)



  • Defensive Midfield
  • Alternate position – Central Midfield

Preferred Foot


Playing Style


Market Value

€20.00 Million

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