Why does Rodri wear Rodrigo? – Age, Girlfriend, Personal Life, Net Worth, Style of Play

Rodrigo Hernández Cascante: In this article, GOAL 90 will delve into the captivating journey of Manchester City star Rodri. Why does Rodri wear Rodrigo, his style of play, his girlfriend, personal life, net worth, etc? A player who has risen to become one of the best players in the world. Let’s dive deeper into Rodri’s journey, elaborating on his career milestones, statistics, and personal insights.

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Rodrigo Hernández Cascante

Rodrigo Hernández Cascante Early Life

Rodrigo Hernandez Cascante, affectionately known as Rodri, was born into the lively embrace of Madrid, Spain, on June 22, 1996. His childhood was steeped in football, a passion instilled by his dedicated parents. Inspired by their love for the sport, young Rodri embarked on a journey that would define his life.

At the age of 10, he eagerly embraced the world of football, joining Rayo Majadahonda’s youth team in 2006. It was here that his commitment to the game became apparent. Guided by his parents’ teachings of hard work and dedication, Rodri’s determination burned brightly even in his youth.

His journey in the youth setup showcased a talent that transcended his age. With astounding feats like leading his team to consecutive youth league titles and displaying exceptional technical prowess, Rodri emerged as a dominant force on the field. His ability to control the midfield, orchestrate play, and earn recognition as one of the standout performers solidified his place as a budding football prodigy.

Why Does Rodri Wear Rodrigo?

The curiosity surrounding “Why does Rodri wear Rodrigo” finds its answer in the unique identity of Rodrigo Hernandez Cascante, known in the footballing world as “Rodri.” Despite the name on his jersey being Rodrigo, the Manchester City star prefers the nickname “Rodri” which holds a special place in his heart. This preference roots from a personal connection and a profound fondness for the nickname over his formal name.

Hence, why does Rodri wear Rodrigo is more of a showcase of his character. With the name “Rodrigo” while being identified as “Rodri” on the field highlights his individuality and personal choice in football. This choice adds a distinctive touch to his persona, emphasizing an identity that resonates both on and off the pitch. For Rodri, the name “Rodri” encapsulates a sense of familiarity, reflecting a preference closely aligned with his character and footballing persona.

The incredible comeback story

Rodri’s journey through the football landscape was marked by resilience and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His departure from Atletico Madrid due to concerns about his physicality was not the end but rather a turning point. It led him on a path less traveled, steering him to Villarreal CF, where he faced challenges head-on.

At Villarreal, Rodri encountered a transformative period that mirrored his unwavering determination. He immersed himself in rigorous training, honing not just his physical attributes but also his tactical acumen. The supportive environment allowed him to blossom, fostering an environment where he could grow both on and off the pitch.

His time at Villarreal was characterized by significant milestones. Rodri’s standout performances led the youth team to remarkable victories, earning him accolades and recognition as one of the most promising talents in Spanish football. Notably, his leadership qualities shone through as he captained the youth squad to a prestigious tournament triumph, showcasing his burgeoning maturity and composure at a young age.

Rodri’s success at Villarreal underscored his remarkable growth, not only as a player but also as a leader. His return to Atletico Madrid was more than just a homecoming; it was a resurgence—a testament to his unyielding spirit and the transformative power of perseverance. His triumphant comeback marked a significant chapter in his career, where he evolved from a player deemed physically unfit to a linchpin of the team, displaying remarkable growth, maturity, and an indomitable spirit that defined his journey to success.

Unlocking Greatness with Man City

Rodri’s tenure at Manchester City was punctuated not just by remarkable titles but also by statistical prowess that underlined his pivotal role in the team’s success. Since his arrival, his passing accuracy consistently soared above 90%, showcasing his ability to dictate play and orchestrate midfield creativity with unparalleled precision.

Amidst Manchester City’s three consecutive Premier League titles, Rodri’s influence extended far beyond conventional midfield duties. His knack for scoring crucial goals in high-stakes encounters added another dimension to his game. Moreover, his ability to contribute decisively on the score sheet, especially during pivotal moments in league clashes and cup finals, exemplified his multifaceted impact.

In the historic 2022/23 season, Rodri’s pivotal goals and exceptional passing accuracy became instrumental in Manchester City’s historic treble. His standout performances weren’t just about individual brilliance; they were marked by statistical excellence that highlighted his indispensable role in the team’s triumphs. These statistics not only mirrored his consistency but also underscored his influence in shaping Manchester City’s dominance on multiple fronts.

Rodri’s contributions—winning Player of the Tournament, the Man of the Match in the final, and scoring the title-winning goal—elevated him beyond statistical prowess. His impact reverberated through iconic moments that etched his name as a defining figure in Manchester City’s triumphant European conquest.


Rodri shares a close bond with his girlfriend, Laura, who’s pursuing a career in surgery. Their relationship goes beyond the realm of football, rooted in mutual support and understanding. Laura finds encouragement in Rodri’s unwavering support for her medical studies, striving to become a surgeon.

Their connection extends to shared interests beyond the football field, often enjoying rounds of golf together. Laura actively celebrates Rodri’s successes, recording her reactions to his goals and the team’s victories in heartfelt videos.

Their relationship is founded on a mutual commitment to personal and professional growth. Rodri’s steadfast backing of Laura’s academic pursuits illustrates their partnership built on respect, shared ambitions, and genuine companionship outside the glamorous world of football. 

Humble Lifestyle

Rodri’s down-to-earth lifestyle is a stark contrast to his substantial annual salary of £11,440,000. Despite this impressive income, he remains committed to a modest way of life, steering away from opulence. His choice of a humble, second-hand Opel Corsa as his first car stands as a testament to his inclination towards simplicity, showcasing a preference for practicality over luxury.

Amidst the glitz and glamour associated with professional football, Rodri’s dedication to an unassuming existence demonstrates his values and a deliberate choice to maintain a low-profile lifestyle. This balance between financial success and a grounded approach underscores his humility and distinguishes him as a player committed to remaining connected to the essence of everyday life.

Style of Play

Rodri’s style of play embodies the epitome of a modern defensive midfielder. His towering physical presence at 1.91 meters (6 feet 2 inches) offers an imposing figure on the pitch, complemented by an exceptional sense of positioning and tactical astuteness. His defensive prowess manifests through timely interceptions, crucial tackles, and an innate ability to break up opposition attacks.

Beyond his defensive duties, Rodri’s technical proficiency and composure under pressure elevate him into a pivotal role in initiating and orchestrating Manchester City’s attacking moves. His exceptional passing accuracy, often exceeding 90%, transforms him into a crucial link between defense and attack, dictating the tempo of play with precise distribution and incisive through balls.

Moreover, Rodri’s aerial dominance and capability in winning duels contribute significantly to both defensive solidity and offensive set-pieces. His adaptability to switch seamlessly between defensive cover and supporting attacking phases makes him a linchpin in City’s tactical setup, embodying the archetype of a modern, multifaceted midfielder.


  • Rodri loves a game of table tennis or hitting the golf course during his free time and as quality time with his girlfriend
  • He does not have a Twitter or Instagram account valuing privacy and a more laid-back lifestyle.
  • Sporting a tucked-in shirt on the field, he’s all about that classic, old-school vibe.
  • Enjoys kicking back with some TV or helping out with household chores.
  • Prefers the simple life, steering clear of the glitz and glam that often comes with being a pro athlete.

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Player Info

Full Name

Rodrigo Hernández Cascante



Date Of Birth

June 22, 1996

Place Of Birth

Madrid, Spain






1.90 m (6ft 3 in)

Marital Status



  • Adalberto Machado (Father)
  • Andréia Moreno Machado (Mother)

Professional Career

Current Team

Manchester City

Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)

  • CF Rayo Majadahonda
  • Atlético Madrid
  • Villarreal CF


  • Main Position – Defensive Midfield
  • Alternative – Central Midfield/Centre Back

Preferred Foot


Playing Style

Holding Midfielder

Market Value

€110.00 Million

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