Piero Hincapie: Market Value, Red Cards, Number, Family, Career

From Ecuador to Germany, this is the life story of an exceptional player who originated from humble beginnings and reshaped his destiny. Piero Martín Hincapié Reyna has transformed the fortunes of his family and life, building a career that is truly worthy of admiration. Join us as we delve into Piero Hincapie’s childhood, family, education, career, relationships, and more.

Piero Hincapie’s Childhood

Piero Martín Hincapié Reyna was destined for greatness from the day he took his first breath. Born on January 9, 2002, Piero’s parents Mayra Reyna and Jesus Hincapie raised their three children in Esmeraldas, the coastal city of northwestern Ecuador. They took proper care of their children, giving them a rather sound childhood. 

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Piero Hincapie’s Family

Piero Hincapie with his parents (middle) and brother (left)

Piero Hincapie’s Father

Piero’s father was a former football himself and used to play in Esmeraldas. He was known to be a dedicated fan of the local team, Emelec. Sufiel was one of the most supportive figures in Piero’s pursuit of a football career. He ensured that his child, affectionately nicknamed “the little pussy,” would excel not only in football but also in academics.

Piero Hincapie’s Siblings

Hincapie spent his formative years surrounded by the love and support of his brother and sister. He revealed in an interview that his footballing foundation was built on the streets of Esmeraldas with his friends and older brother. 

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Piero Hincapie’s Education

Piero’s parents never compromised his studies making him one of the select few footballers who have graduated with a degree. The Ecuadorian began his primary schooling at Refineria School in Esmeraldas and would go on to graduate with honors from Complejo Independiente del Valle School. His educational career is truly impressive considering his love and passion for football never became a hurdle in his academics.

Piero Hincapie’s Career Build-up

Hincapie began his youth career at CS Norte América at the tender age of 12. The defender would develop his footballing abilities and enhance his god-gifted talent on the pitch. He would then establish himself as the wall at the back after a move to Independiente del Valle in 2019.

Piero Hincapie the Libertadores U20 trophy in 2020

Piero’s move to Argentina’s CA Talleres in 2020 was a significant turning point in his career. This is where his hard work and dedication paid off as ‘The Wall’ would be scouted by German giants, Bayer 04 Leverkusen who were forced to make an offer after witnessing his exceptional defensive abilities.

Piero Hincapie during his spell at CA Talleres

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After joining Leverkusen for a fee of €8.00m in 2021, Piero had to work his way up for a spot in the starting lineup. Although his resume consisted of only a handful list of clubs, Piero’s resilience and dedication would result in him cementing his spot in the Bayer 04 Leverkusen side as their first-choice center-back.

Piero Hincapie playing for Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Piero Hincapie’s Love Life

The Ecuadorian’s love life has always been a mystery. His social media handles have shown no sign of a possible romantic partner although he was speculated to be in a relationship with reality TV star, Jossmery Toledo. These rumors would later be denied by Piero in an interview where he also said that it was damaging his reputation.

Piero Hincapie’s market value, net-worth salary

At the time of writing, Hincapie’s market value has been set at 35 million euros. The Ecuadorian star earns a £40,000 base salary weekly at Bayer 04 Leverkusen. This number equates to a whopping £2,080,000 per year. Piero’s overall net worth has been estimated at around 3 million dollars.

Piero Hincapie’s cousin’s kidnapping

A horrifying story of Piero’s cousin, Stefano Tello was revealed where she was reportedly kept hostage for five whole days. The Esmeraldas police would later report Tello’s release in a remote area only after a huge ransom was paid. 28-year-old suspect, Freddy VG was found dead shortly after his arrest. This incident highlights the alarming trend of soccer player’s relatives becoming focal crime targets as even recently, Liverpool star, Luis Diaz’s father was also kidnapped by a Columbian guerrilla group.

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Piero Hincapie Trivia

Who is Piero Hincapie’s idol?

Sergio Ramos

How many red cards has Piero Hincapie got in his career? 

1 red card

What is Piero Hincapie’s jersey number?


What is Piero Hincapie’s FIFA rating?

79 Overall rating

How do you correctly pronounce Piero Hincapie? 

  • “pee-AIR-oh hin-CAH-pee-ay”

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Player Info

Full Name

Piero Martín Hincapié Reyna


The Wall

Date Of Birth

January 9, 2002

Place Of Birth

Esmeraldas, Ecuador






1.84 m (6ft 0 in)

Marital Status



  • Jesus Hincapie (Father)



Professional Career

Current Team

Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)

  • CS Norte América 
  • Deportivo Azogues



Preferred Foot


Playing Style

  • Aerial Threat
  • Intricate Passing

Market Value

35 million euros

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