Neymar Jr – Family, Early Life, Accident Story, Relationship, Style of Play, Career, Trivia, etc.

Neymar Jr., a luminary in the realm of football, has left an indelible mark on the sport with his unparalleled talent and captivating style of play. In this comprehensive exploration by Goal 90, we delve into Neymar’s life journey, from his early days and youth career to his remarkable transitions between FC Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain. Unpacking his playing style, transfer decisions, romantic entanglements, family ties, and recent move to Al Hilal, this article aims to provide an insightful narrative into the multifaceted world of Neymar. Beyond the dazzling goals and on-field triumphs, discover the facets of Neymar’s persona that contribute to his iconic status, making him not just a football maestro but a captivating figure whose story transcends the boundaries of the beautiful game. Join us on this exploration of Neymar’s life, where passion, skill, and personal dynamics intersect to create the tapestry of an extraordinary athlete.

Neymar Jr Early Life and Family

Neymar, the Brazilian football sensation, was born on February 5, 1992, in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo, Brazil, into a family where football was more than just a sport—it was a way of life. Neymar’s parents, Neymar Santos Sr. and Nadine Santos, played pivotal roles in shaping his early years. Neymar Sr., a former footballer himself, not only shared his passion for the game with his son but also became his initial coach and mentor.

Growing up in a modest home, the Santos family faced financial challenges, but their love and unity prevailed. Neymar’s parents worked tirelessly to provide for their children. Neymar Sr. held various jobs, including a stint as a street cleaner, while Nadine worked as a nurse. Their dedication to their children’s well-being and education underscored the family’s values.

Neymar’s sister, Rafaella, added a touch of sibling camaraderie to his childhood. The Santos household, despite its humble setting, was filled with the sounds of laughter and the echoes of Neymar’s football dreams. The family’s living room often doubled as a practice field, and Neymar’s earliest skills were honed within the confines of their small apartment.

In the midst of financial constraints, Neymar’s parents emphasized the importance of education, instilling a well-rounded perspective in their son. Neymar’s journey from playing barefoot in the streets to becoming a global football icon was propelled by the unwavering support and sacrifices of his family. Their story is a testament to the power of familial bonds and resilience, painting a vivid backdrop to Neymar’s extraordinary rise from the streets of São Paulo to international football stardom.

The Neymar Accident Story

In a twist of fate, Neymar Jr. narrowly escaped an early demise at just four months old. A nearly tragic car crash unfolded as the family journeyed to visit relatives. On a rainy day, an oncoming vehicle lost control on a steep mountain, careening into Neymar’s family car in a devastating collision. Neymar’s father, an experienced driver, attempted to evade the imminent danger, but the collision was unavoidable. The accident left Neymar covered in blood, though miraculously, he sustained no broken bones. Neymar Sr., however, suffered a dislocated hip bone, fearing for both his life and that of his only son.

Amidst the chaos, Neymar Sr. frantically searched for Neymar Jr., voicing his worst fear – the loss of his son. During pain and confusion, Neymar Sr. uttered, “Where is my son?” His desperate search was fueled by the terrifying thought that Neymar Jr. might have been thrown from the car during the impact.

The family’s ordeal took a turn towards relief when Neymar’s mother, Nadine, managed to escape the wreckage through the broken back window. With the help of rescuers, Neymar Sr. was freed from the trapped seatbelt. The family’s prayers were answered as they pulled Neymar Sr. and Jr. to safety. Baby Neymar, though in a sorry state with blood covering him, suffered only a cut on the head from shattered glass. The family, against the odds, recovered from this harrowing incident, marking a testament to their resilience and the providence that saved Neymar Jr.’s life.

Struggles with Poverty

 A baby Neymar is given a cake at his first birthday party

Neymar’s journey to football stardom was paved with the harsh realities of poverty. Financial difficulties reached a point where Neymar’s father, Mr. Santos, couldn’t afford to pay electricity bills, plunging the family into a life illuminated mostly by candlelight. The dire situation led the family, now including Neymar’s younger sister Rafaella, to move in with Neymar’s grandparents.

The cramped living conditions in a single room, shared by Neymar, his parents, and Rafaella, forced them to make do with a solitary mattress. Determined to lift his family from the depths of hardship, Neymar’s father undertook multiple jobs, working as a laborer, mechanic, and salesman. While the hard work brought some comfort, it took a toll on his health.

Neymar Jr

Moving to his grandparents’ house improved their living conditions, providing access to electricity instead of candlelight. Although their forced smiles masked the underlying struggles, Neymar’s family found a temporary refuge in his grandparents’ home, highlighting their resilience in the face of adversity.

Neymar’s family origin in Mogi das Cruzes, described as a dumping ground for São Paulo’s waste, further emphasizes the challenging circumstances of his upbringing. The town, marked by poverty, drug use, and high crime levels, reflects the harsh environment Neymar emerged from on his remarkable journey to success.

Youth Career

13 years ago Neymar Jr scored his first goal as a professional player | Neymar  Jr.

Neymar’s ascent to football stardom began in the youth ranks of Santos FC, a renowned Brazilian club. Displaying extraordinary talent and flair from a young age, Neymar quickly became a standout player in the youth system. His technical brilliance and goal-scoring prowess set him on a trajectory towards professional success.

In 2009, at the age of 17, Neymar made a highly anticipated professional debut for Santos FC, showcasing the skills honed during his formative years. His contributions to the youth teams not only solidified his reputation as a rising star but also garnered attention from top clubs globally.

Neymar’s youth career laid the groundwork for his remarkable journey, and his transition to the professional stage marked the beginning of an illustrious international career that would later see him excel on both domestic and global football stages.

Rise to Fame

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In 2010, Neymar’s star began to shine brightly in South American football. At the age of 18, he made headlines by scoring an incredible five goals in a single match for Santos against Guarani in the Brazilian Cup qualifying stages. His remarkable performances continued during the 2010 Campeonato Paulista, where he scored 14 goals in 19 games, leading Santos to a 5–5 aggregate victory over Santo André in the finals and earning Neymar the title of the competition’s best player.

Amidst burgeoning success, English clubs West Ham United and Chelsea made substantial bids for Neymar, highlighting the growing international interest in the young Brazilian talent. Despite the attention, Neymar, guided by his father and agent Wagner Ribeiro, expressed a desire to become the best player in the world, setting the stage for a future move to Europe.

In 2011, Neymar’s impact on the pitch reached new heights during Santos’ triumphant run in the Copa Libertadores. He scored crucial goals, including the opener in the second-leg final against Peñarol, securing Santos’ first Copa Libertadores title since 1963. Neymar’s stellar performance earned him the Man of the Match honors and propelled him to win the prestigious FIFA Puskás Award for his solo goal against Flamengo in the Brasileirão Série A.

World's Best Neymar Santos 2012 Stock Pictures, Photos, and Images - Getty  Images | Neymar, Neymar jr, Neymar football

The following year, in 2012, Neymar continued his meteoric rise. He notched his 100th professional goal on his 20th birthday and played a pivotal role in Santos’ victories, securing titles in the Campeonato Paulista and the Recopa Sudamericana. Neymar’s exceptional season earned him multiple awards, including the Golden Ball, Arthur Friedenreich Award, and the Armando Nogueira Trophy. He retained the South American Footballer of the Year award and finished as a finalist for the FIFA Puskás Award.

As Neymar dazzled on the South American stage, his performances and accolades paved the way for his eventual move to Barcelona, marking a pivotal chapter in his journey from a promising talent in Brazil to an international football icon.

Dream Move to Barcelona and Stardom

Neymar Jr launches new website ahead of El Clásico

In 2013, Neymar’s lifelong dream materialized as he made a high-profile move from Santos to Barcelona. The announcement came after receiving offers and following Neymar’s standout performances in the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup. Unveiled at the Camp Nou on June 3, 2013, in front of a record crowd, Neymar’s move was initially reported at €57.1 million, sparking investigations into the transfer fee. The season saw Neymar adapt seamlessly, contributing to Barcelona’s victories in La Liga and the Supercopa de España.

Why Neymar Will Go on and Become a Barcelona Legend | News, Scores,  Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report

The subsequent seasons showcased Neymar’s prolific goal-scoring form, particularly in the triumphant 2014–15 campaign, securing domestic and international titles. Neymar’s impact was pivotal in Barcelona’s historic treble-winning season, which included clinching the domestic league title, Copa del Rey, and the UEFA Champions League. The attacking trio of Messi, Suárez, and Neymar, known as “MSN,” set records with an impressive 131 goals in a single season. Neymar’s individual brilliance contributed significantly to Barcelona’s success, with him being named among the top three contenders for the FIFA Ballon d’Or.

Despite achieving remarkable success, Neymar’s desire for a new challenge and a leading role prompted his departure from Barcelona in 2017. His legacy at the club remains etched in the annals of football history, representing an era of electrifying attacking prowess and unprecedented achievements for both the player and the club.


Neymar: how the record-breaking €222m move to PSG unfolded | Neymar | The  Guardian

The €222 million transfer of Neymar from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in 2017 marked a transformative moment in football, influencing transfer markets and showcasing the power of state-backed ownership. Neymar’s recent move to Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal for £80 million reflects the complex journey of the Brazilian forward during his six years in the French capital.

Initially aimed at propelling Neymar from the world’s most expensive player to the world’s best, his PSG tenure was marked by frustration. Despite consistent on-field brilliance, he shared the spotlight with Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi, and injuries plagued him, limiting his availability to 55% of PSG matches. Neymar’s tenure at PSG was characterized by his prodigious talent and off-field antics, hosting lavish parties and engaging in late-night poker tournaments. The relationship between Neymar and PSG fans was complicated, with admiration for his skill conflicting with frustration over distractions.

As PSG’s status signing, Neymar contributed to the club’s global appeal, significantly increasing its valuation. However, the era also faced challenges with managerial changes and player power. Neymar’s departure signals the end of PSG’s ‘galacticos’ era, leaving a legacy of both success and unfulfilled expectations. Despite leaving with an impressive trophy cabinet, including five league titles, Neymar’s PSG journey lacked major individual honors like the Ballon d’Or. His departure to Al Hilal, facilitated by new PSG coach Luis Enrique’s decision, potentially eases FFP concerns and opens the door for resolving conflicts with Kylian Mbappe.

Neymar’s PSG legacy remains a symbol of excess, attracting attention but falling short of personal coronation. As the cornerstone of an era that emphasized individualism, his departure prompts reflection on what might have been, especially on the field, and leaves a lasting imprint on European football.

Move to Saudi Arabia

Neymar signs for Al Hilal: A look at Brazilian superstar's stellar PSG  career | Football News - Hindustan Times

In a surprising move in August 2023, Neymar embarked on a new chapter in his career by joining Saudi Pro League club Al Hilal on a two-year contract, with a reported transfer fee of €90 million. This transaction marked him as the most expensive acquisition in the Saudi Pro League and a notable departure from European football. Barcelona was reportedly the sole European club expressing genuine interest, as others were deterred by his high salary and expected transfer fee.

Neymar’s move to Al Hilal, characterized by a lucrative €150 million annual salary, showcased the growing allure of Middle Eastern football. Despite leaving Europe without additional Ballon d’Or accolades and Champions League titles after his 2015 triumph with Barcelona, Neymar expressed optimism about the Saudi league’s competitiveness, especially with the influx of star players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema. However, his promising start with Al Hilal was marred by an unfortunate anterior cruciate ligament rupture during international duty in October 2023, leading to his deregistration from the roster in January 2024 due to a season-ending injury.

Relationship History

Neymar’s romantic life has been as high-profile as his football career, featuring a diverse array of relationships. The Brazilian football sensation, known for his exceptional skills on the field, has consistently been in the public eye due to his dating history.

Starting from his first known girlfriend, Carolina Dantas, with whom he shares a child named Davi Lucca, to his long-term relationship with Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine, Neymar’s personal life has been a subject of significant public interest. Despite the challenges posed by distance and their respective careers, Neymar and Marquezine maintained a strong bond.

Other notable relationships include those with Anitta, Thaila Ayala, and Natalia Barulich. Neymar’s affairs extended beyond Brazil, involving individuals like Chloë Grace Moretz and Argentine-born model Carol Caputo. The Brazilian football star’s romantic pursuits even reached the American pop scene with Anitta.

In recent times, Neymar’s relationship with influencer Bruna Biancardi gained attention, with the couple expecting a baby girl together. Despite a brief split in August 2022, they reconciled and announced the exciting news of their impending parenthood in June 2023.

Neymar’s love life, marked by its frequent media coverage, reflects the multifaceted persona of a football superstar who navigates fame both on and off the pitch.

Recent Break-Up

Brazilian Soccer Star Neymar and Model Bruna Biancardi Welcome Baby

Just a month and a half after welcoming their daughter, Mavie, into the world, Brazilian model Bruna Biancardi has announced the end of her relationship with Neymar. Taking to Instagram, she addressed the private matter, dispelling rumors and emphasizing their commitment as parents to Mavie. Their tumultuous relationship, marked by persistent infidelity rumors, had led to the establishment of a reported confidentiality agreement allowing Neymar certain liberties within the relationship.

During Bruna’s pregnancy, Neymar publicly admitted to his transgressions, apologizing to her for his actions. Despite the challenges, he expressed his love for Bruna and the significance of their shared journey as parents. The recent breakup follows a distressing incident where criminals burglarized Bruna’s Sao Paulo residence, adding to the hurdles the couple faced.

The announcement unveils a complex narrative of love, challenges, and parenthood, with both Neymar and Bruna navigating the complexities of fame and relationship scrutiny. As they part ways, the focus remains on their roles as parents, underscoring the enduring bond forged through the birth of their daughter, Mavie.

Neymar’s Close Bond with Sister Rafaella Santos

How many games has Neymar missed on sister Rafaella's 'cursed' birthday,  and is he injured again? | The Sun

Neymar’s familial ties extend beyond the football field, with his sister, Rafaella Santos, playing a significant role in his life. The duo shares a remarkably close bond, exemplified by Neymar’s choice to ink a tattoo of Rafaella’s face on his arm. Rafaella, born on March 11, 1996, in Brazil, is not just a sibling but also an influential figure on social media. Boasting a substantial following, she has become a notable influencer, captivating audiences with her lifestyle and fashion content.

In addition to her online presence, Rafaella delved into the world of entrepreneurship, launching her own clothing brand, Blessed. The siblings often share glimpses of their strong connection through social media posts, showcasing the importance of family in Neymar’s life. This tight-knit relationship with Rafaella reflects Neymar’s values and the support system that contributes to his journey both on and off the pitch.

Style of Play

Neymar Erases 3 Peru Defenders With One Nutmeg To Put Brazil In Copa  America Final

Neymar’s style of play is marked by versatility, as he adeptly takes on roles such as central striker, second striker, winger, or attacking midfielder. As PSG’s fourth-highest goalscorer and fifth-highest assister of all time, Neymar excels in both scoring and playmaking. His preferred position is often as the left-sided forward, utilizing his energetic pace to drift infield, showcasing prolific dribbling and creative vision.

With skills reminiscent of Ronaldinho and Pelé, Neymar’s playing style is described as “electric” and “explosive.” He is a master dribbler, able to create chances out of thin air and deliver decisive final passes. Proficient with both feet, head, and in free-kicks and penalties, Neymar continually seeks improvement, drawing inspiration from football luminaries like Ronaldinho, Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta, Xavi, and Rooney.

However, Neymar is not without controversy. His on-field theatrics, including alleged excessive diving, have drawn criticism. Despite being one of Brazil’s all-time top scorers and a key player for PSG, Neymar faces challenges and scrutiny, with his career marked by injuries and a perceived lack of professional discipline. As he transitions to Saudi Arabia at 31, opinions on Neymar’s legacy diverge. Comparisons to legends like Pelé, Messi, and Ronaldinho persist, emphasizing Neymar’s enduring impact on the football world.

Trivia and Fun Facts

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1.    Acting Stint: Neymar has ventured into acting. He made a cameo appearance in the popular Brazilian soap opera “Amor à Vida” in 2013. This showcased his ability to entertain both on and off the football field.

2.    Comic Book Character: In 2013, Neymar became the first footballer to have his own comic book series. The comics, titled “Neymar Jr. Comics,” feature Neymar as a superhero with special powers derived from his football skills.

3.    Music Collaboration: Neymar has collaborated with several musicians. He appeared in the music video for the song “País do Futebol” by MC Guimê, showcasing his affinity for Brazilian music.

4.    Gaming Enthusiast: Neymar is a known gaming enthusiast. He has shared his passion for video games on social media, and in 2018, he even appeared as a playable character in the popular game “Fortnite.”

5.    Inked in Honor of Sister: Neymar has a tattoo of his sister Rafaella on his arm. The close bond between the siblings is evident, and Neymar chose to immortalize his sister’s face through body art.

6.    Philanthropy: Beyond his glamorous lifestyle, Neymar is involved in philanthropy. He has supported various charitable causes, including educational projects and initiatives aimed at helping underprivileged children.

7.    Dancing Skills: Neymar is not just adept with football; he also has some slick dance moves. He’s been seen showcasing his dancing skills at various events and celebrations, revealing another side of his personality.

8.    Wax Statue: Madame Tussauds, the famous wax museum, unveiled a wax statue of Neymar in 2016. This recognition solidified his status as a global football icon.

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Player Info

Full Name

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior



Date Of Birth

February 5, 1992

Place Of Birth

Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil






1.75 m (5ft 9 in)

Marital Status



  • Nadine da Silva (Mother)
  • Neymar Santos Sr (Father)



Professional Career

Current Team

Al Hilal

Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)

  • Portuguesa Santista
  • Santos


  • Main – Left Wing
  • Alternative – Attacking Midfield

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Playing Style

Complete attacker

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