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Micky Van de Ven: The dawn of Ange Postecogolu at Tottenham Hotspur has marked the beginning of a revolution, according to pundits and many ambitious Spurs fans. One such individual who has stood out in the process is the tall Dutchman Micky Van de Ven who has been an immovable mountain for London’s Whites this season. In the games against Liverpool and bitter rivals Arsenal, he showed exactly what he brings to the table, and alongside Christian Romero, the two have kept Spurs away from taking more bullets in.

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However, it happens to be the case that many fans know little about the tall Dutch speedster. In this article, we will briefly cover his biography and shed some light on intriguing elements of his life outside the pitch such as his family, love life, religion, personality, and so on.

Micky Van de Ven Family

He is the second, youngest, and only son born to Marcel de Van and Bianca Huigjen. He also has an older sister who goes by the name Caya. The picture below is his sister to the right and mother to the left.

Micky Van de Ven

Are Micky Van de Ven’s parents divorced?

Based on our findings, they are currently separated but the two worked hard to ensure the repercussions would not affect their children Caya and Micky.

Is Micky Van de Ven’s father an Actor?

Micky Van de Ven

His father was a police officer who also worked as a detective and undercover agent in Wormer. However, as of late he has switched to a career in acting and Micky’s sister Caya works for their father’s company.

The Role of His Father in His Rise To Fame

There came a period where nobody showed faith in the tall speedster’s qualities. During this predicament, it was his dad who gave him a pat on the back and stood by him. He says the following about him:

“My dad [Marcel] helped me also a lot at Volendam.

“It was a difficult situation for me because when people say they don’t trust you when you are 17-years-old, maybe you have to look for work or something.

“You have to have a second choice if you can’t make it to be a professional football player and you have to switch.

“I said to my dad, ‘maybe I have to work,’ and he was like, ‘No! Trust me. One day a person will come, you will get your chance and grab it’.

“So, I kept working, pushing, pushing, pushing and there was the chance and I grabbed it.”


He has made no remarks regarding his religious affiliation and it’s very likely that he doesn’t conform to one as only 15-20% of Netherlands inhabitants consider themselves religious.

Marital Status

He is unmarried and currently single. Our research is eluded from Micky’s dating history as he continues to focus on reaching new heights in football. Another speculation may point to a possible relationship away from public displays as the player generally prefers privacy but the question with respect to his love life remains.


Micky Van de Ven was Born in Wormer and is a native of its countryside. His neighborhood was a peaceful, ambient one and he lived a comfortable childhood with his family facing no economic distress.

The little boy began playing football around the age of six and discovered the game when he saw his friends playing the game. His enthusiasm for the game got him to be well-liked among other children his age and he was known for being a very humble kid. He got his schooling from a local institute and later joined WSV’30, a football academy in his hometown to kickstart his football journey.

A Personal Comeback

He continued at WSV for a few more years till 2013. During his time there, he gained a lot of attention thanks to his speed and would often find himself in a race with teammates. This caught the eye of the scouts who approached him and offered him a trial at FC Volendam to which the young boy agreed.

However, his life at Volendam had a rather bitter start as he was told to leave since they didn’t have him in their plans. But with the recruitment of new youth manager Wim Jonk, he found respite as Wim showed faith in him. He featured more regularly for Volendam and slowly began building his confidence. 

He would go on to become a key figure in FC Volendam, eventually becoming the youth team’s captain owing to his paramount maturity on and off the pitch. He won several accolades along the way but the one that perhaps might surprise a lot of readers is the Golden Boot he won in 2019, as a defender.

Sky’s the Limit

2019 was Micky’s year as he would go on to make his senior debut for Volendam. Slowly establishing himself as a common face in the lineup, he found himself on Wolfsburg’s radar. He was signed in the summer of 2021 and struggled to make an instant impact in his first season.

However, the advent of Niko Kovac reinvigorated the young Dutchman who spoke very highly of him.

“Micky is a great boy [and] a really good footballer. What he’s showing at the moment is extraordinary.”

During this period, he captained Netherlands’ under-21 side and even earned a call-up to their 25-man squad for the World Cup in Qatar. In the summer of 2023, he was signed by Tottenham Hotspur where he has unarguably been their best defender, carving out a permanent spot for himself at center-back.

Lifestyle and Personality

Micky is a confident ambivert who expresses himself in the right setting. He usually finds joy in the minimal laughs and levity; not ascribing any premium mundane wishes to happiness. He prefers spending time with his friends and family members with traveling and gaming being his go-to hobbies. His personal favorite video game is Call of Duty and he talks briefly about it in the interview linked below:


On the business side of things, he makes no compromises in ensuring he stays in his best shape. To keep a good check and balance, he follows a strict training routine and consciously looks after his diet – avoiding processed food and alcohol.

Style of Play

He is a traditional center-back who throws in tackles at the right time and is very strong in duels. Tall and strong, he is also incredibly fast which sets him apart from other defenders. His style of play has roused comparisons with Dutch compatriot Virgil Van Dijk. The two players form a solid duo when on international duty.


How fast is Micky Van de Ven?

His top speed is the fastest recorded for a defender in the Bundesliga.

What is his rating in EA Sports FC 24?

He is one of the fastest center-backs in Fifa with an 85 pace and 78 Overall Rating.

Which team does Micky Van de Ven support?

Micky has been a lifelong fan of Ajax.

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Player Info

Full Name

Micky Van de Ven



Date Of Birth

April 19, 2001

Place Of Birth

Wormer, Netherlands






6ft 4in (1.93m)

Marital Status



  • Marcel Van de Ven (Father)
  • Bianca Huigjen (Mother)


Professional Career

Current Team

Tottenham Hotspur

Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)

  • WSV’30
  • FC Volendam


Center Back

Preferred Foot


Playing Style

Traditional Center Half

Market Value


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