Marcus Rashford Bio: Salary, Girlfriend, Family, Youth Career, Team

Marcus Rashford is one of the most celebrated footballers in the world, his success on and off the pitch has been talked about everywhere. In this article, Goal 90 discusses Marcus Rashford’s early life, youth career, becoming Mr. Manchester United, style of play, girlfriend, family, the mysterious story about his father, etc. We also answer important questions such as What is Marcus Rashford’s salary and Is Rashford still in a relationship. Join us in exploring a wonderful journey of a truly magnificent footballer, whose story goes beyond the goals and victories, and whose story is still being written as we speak.

Early Life and Family

Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford, born on October 31, 1997, in Wythenshawe, Manchester, had a humble beginning that shaped his remarkable journey. Raised in a single-parent household, he, along with his four siblings, was brought up by his mother, Melanie Rashford. Their family faced financial challenges, and Melanie worked tirelessly to provide for her children.

Growing up in the Wythenshawe area, Rashford’s childhood was marked by a love for football and a determination to overcome obstacles. Despite the family’s economic constraints, his mother’s unwavering support and sacrifice became a cornerstone of his early life. It was within these modest surroundings that Rashford’s passion for the beautiful game flourished. Outside the football pitch, Rashford’s upbringing was characterized by resilience and a commitment to making the most of his opportunities. The challenges faced during his childhood would later inspire him to advocate for social issues, using his platform as a football star for positive change. His experiences instilled in him a sense of empathy and a desire to address societal inequities.

In the broader context of early life and family, Marcus Rashford’s story is one of determination, familial bonds, and the transformative power of sport. These formative years laid the foundation for a footballer who not only excelled on the field but also became a symbol of compassion and activism beyond the realm of sports.

Mystery about Rashford’s father

In a startling turn of events, Michael Boye-Marquaye, a Ghanaian resident in the UK, has boldly declared himself as the biological father of Manchester United’s star striker, Marcus Rashford. Boye-Marquaye, who insists that Rashford’s mother, Melanie, is not the player’s biological parent, has taken to social media to shed light on what he describes as a ‘long back-and-forth’ in trying to establish a relationship with the football sensation.

In a widely circulated video, Boye-Marquaye passionately asserts, “Look, [Rashford], I am telling you, I am your father.” He further emphasizes his respect for Melanie and her husband, while expressing the need to disclose the truth for the sake of Rashford and future generations: “I have to tell you the truth because if I don’t, in the future, you and your children and your great-grandchildren will be lost.”

Boye-Marquaye vehemently denies any monetary motivations, stating, “I am doing this not because of money, again not money but it is you I want. I am getting very angry, but because of you and the respect I have for you, I have kept my mouth shut.” The unexpected revelation adds a layer of complexity to the life of the renowned football figure, prompting questions about his familial connections and the veracity of Boye-Marquaye’s claims.


Before gracing the renowned fields of Old Trafford, Marcus Rashford’s early years were marked by resilience and a commitment to fighting childhood hunger. His journey traces back to Button Lane Primary School, where he laid the initial stones of his footballing career. At Button Lane, Rashford wasn’t just honing his skills; he was part of a school community that offered free meals to its pupils. This initiative significantly alleviated the burden on Rashford’s mother, Melanie, who worked tirelessly to support her family.

Participation in the school feeding program provided Rashford with more than sustenance; it instilled in him a profound empathy for the struggles of hungry children. The impact of this experience fueled a promise within young Marcus — a commitment to aiding those facing childhood hunger when he achieved success in life.

In a poignant image captured during his time at Button Lane, Rashford is seen participating in the food voucher scheme, a program that saved him from childhood hunger. Little did the world know that this promising youngster would grow up to be a football icon and a passionate advocate for eradicating child hunger, using his platform to create positive change in the lives of countless children.

Youth Career

Marcus Rashford’s journey from the early days at Fletcher Moss Rangers to the prestigious Manchester United academy is a tale of unwavering determination and undeniable talent. Beginning football at the tender age of five with Fletcher Moss Rangers, he initially embraced the role of a goalkeeper and found inspiration in former United goalkeeper Tim Howard.

His exceptional skills were evident early on, as highlighted by Fletcher Moss Rangers academy development officer Dave Horrocks, who noted Rashford’s standout performance in a tournament watched by 15 scouts from various clubs. At the age of seven, amid interest from rivals Everton and Liverpool, Rashford made the pivotal decision to join Manchester United’s academy after a week of training with Manchester City. Former United youth coach Paul McGuinness quickly recognized Rashford’s potential due to his athleticism on and off the ball. However, logistical challenges during his early years at the club, including difficulty attending training sessions, were overcome with the support of coaches Dave Bushell, Eamon Mulvey, and Tony Whelan, who assisted in arranging transportation.

Fast-tracking through the ranks, Rashford’s journey included playing cage football with established names like Paul Pogba, Jesse Lingard, and Ravel Morrison, a testament to his accelerated development. In 2012, he contributed to Manchester United’s under-15 squad, finishing as runners-up in the Marveld tournament. His progress continued, with Rashford earning praise from Nicky Butt, the manager of United’s Under-19s, for his performances in the UEFA Youth League. A key moment in his ascent came in 2015 when Louis van Gaal named him on the first-team bench. Despite a loan bid from Crewe Alexandra in 2016 being rejected, Rashford’s dedication shone through in first-team training sessions during an injury crisis, leaving a lasting impression on teammates and coaches alike.

Mr. Manchester United

Marcus Rashford’s remarkable journey with Manchester United has been a testament to his exceptional talent and commitment to the club. Debuting in the 2015–16 season, Rashford made an immediate impact, becoming United’s youngest scorer in European competition with a memorable brace against Midtjylland. His debut season saw him play a pivotal role in the Manchester derby and contribute crucial goals in the FA Cup, ultimately securing his first piece of silverware.

In the 2016–17 season, Rashford continued to flourish, showcasing versatility under manager Jose Mourinho. His contributions were integral to United’s successes in the EFL Cup and Europa League, earning him a reputation as a key player. From 2017 to 2019, Rashford sustained consistent individual success, overcoming competition and displaying his prowess in critical moments, such as scoring against Liverpool and excelling in the Champions League.

The 2019–20 season highlighted Rashford’s goal-scoring prowess, but a back injury briefly interrupted his stellar form. However, during Project Restart, he made a strong comeback, underlining his resilience. The 2020–21 season demonstrated Rashford’s ability to navigate through injuries, contributing significantly to United’s campaign.

In the 2021–22 season, Rashford faced scrutiny for a dip in form but responded with crucial goals and assists, showcasing his mental fortitude. The 2022–23 season marked a return to form under manager Erik ten Hag, with Rashford reaching significant milestones, including his 100th goal for United. His impressive performances culminated in a contract extension, solidifying his status as a key figure at Old Trafford.

As Rashford continues to evolve in the 2023–24 season, his impact on the pitch, accolades, and commitment to Manchester United reinforce his position as a vital player in the club’s pursuit of success.

What is Marcus Rashford’s Salary?

 “What is Marcus Rashford’s salary” has been circling around the internet. So, let’s have a look at how much does the English star earn at the club. Marcus Rashford solidified his position as the highest earner at Manchester United when the club decided to double his weekly wages. The strategic move involved swapping Rashford’s £200,000-a-week salary with former player David De Gea’s £375,000-a-week earnings. This decision was part of an overarching financial strategy that included triggering a 12-month extension on Rashford’s existing contract, which initially had one year remaining. The club subsequently presented Rashford with a lucrative five-year contract extension, enhancing his annual income by £8.4 million over the next five seasons. This financial reshuffling not only solidified Rashford’s standing as the highest-paid player but also reflects the club’s commitment to strategic financial planning in the pursuit of top-tier talent.

Is Rashford Still in a Relationship ?

Despite being known for keeping his personal life private, recent reports suggest that Marcus Rashford has experienced a significant change in his relationship status. The Manchester United forward had been in a long-term relationship with Lucia Loi, whom he got engaged to in May last year.

However, the couple reportedly faced misunderstandings, leading to the end of their engagement. Rashford, who has had a successful season with Manchester United, was spotted in Miami, Florida, during his vacation, where he attended a party and was seen returning to his hotel at 5 am with another lady. This comes after he and Lucia Loi, his childhood girlfriend, decided to part ways.

The breakup seems to mark a new chapter for Rashford, as he was observed engaging with other women at a party and returning to his hotel with one of them. While the specifics of the breakup are not detailed, a source mentioned that the separation was amicable, and they remain close friends. Rashford and Lucia had publicly announced their engagement last year, but recent events indicate a change in their relationship status.

Style of Play

Marcus Rashford’s playing style underwent a significant evolution during the 2021/22 season, marked by both fitness and form challenges. However, under new manager Erik ten Hag, Rashford has the opportunity to showcase his versatility and attacking prowess across various front-line positions. His preference for the left-wing role, solidified under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, proved instrumental in his success, offering a platform for his explosive pace and dynamic runs. Rashford adeptly cuts inside for shots, displaying powerful strikes but acknowledging room for improved accuracy.

A key aspect of Rashford’s game is his strategic movement. Often dropping deep to receive possession, he initiates diagonal dribbles towards goal, leveraging his speed and creating scoring opportunities. Positioned on the shoulder of the last defender, he excels in making diagonal runs, relying on precise passes, with Bruno Fernandes a likely creative force. Rashford’s threat is enhanced by opponents doubling up on him, creating space for teammates.

Under Solskjaer, Rashford’s role on the left in a 4-2-3-1 formation elevated him as a crucial part of United’s attack. Fernandes’ arrival further complemented Rashford’s contributions, providing additional options and opening new dimensions to his playmaking abilities. Ten Hag faces the task of refining various aspects of United’s game, and Rashford, with regained form and fitness, remains a potentially potent asset, contributing both against deep-sitting opponents and on counter-attacks with his pace.

Rashford’s Charity Work

Marcus Rashford’s impact extends far beyond the football pitch, with his charity work and activism standing as a testament to his commitment to making a positive change in the world. In October 2019, Rashford initiated the “In the Box” campaign with Selfridges, providing essential items to the homeless during Christmas. This endeavor was a heartfelt response to his desire to make a difference, echoing his experiences as a youth training with Manchester United.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Rashford teamed up with FareShare in March 2020 to deliver meals to those in Greater Manchester who lost access to free school meals. His initial goal of supporting 400,000 children quickly evolved into a nationwide effort, raising over £20 million and providing millions of meals. Rashford’s impactful advocacy took a significant turn when he wrote an open letter to the UK government in June 2020, urging them to address child poverty. His campaign resulted in a policy change, ensuring free school meals during the summer holidays for 1.3 million children.

Beyond this, Rashford established the Child Food Poverty Task Force in September 2020, partnering with various entities to tackle child hunger. His relentless efforts led to the government allocating nearly £400 million to support struggling families. In January 2021, Rashford used his platform to shed light on unacceptable food packages received by parents. His influence prompted a government review and earned him praise during Prime Minister’s Questions.

Rashford’s charitable initiatives extended to literacy campaigns, World Book Day, and a partnership with Macmillan Publishers to launch a book club. His motivational children’s book, “You Are A Champion,” became Book of the Year at the British Book Awards in 2022.

Recognized for his outstanding contributions, Rashford received an MBE, an honorary doctorate, and numerous awards, solidifying his status as a champion both on and off the pitch. His legacy as a celebrity activist continues to reshape expectations, earning him a spot on the New Statesman’s Left Power List in 2023.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  1. Childhood Symbol: Despite a modest upbringing, Rashford’s cherished possession was a worn-out football labeled ‘Marcus’s ball.’
  2. Romantic Gesture: Rashford once chartered a £240,000 Boeing 737 to take his fiancee Lucia Loi on a romantic New York getaway.
  3. Mathematical Mind: If not a footballer, Rashford sees himself pursuing a career in Mathematics.
  4. Dream Dinner Guests: Rashford’s ideal dinner companions include Denzel Washington, Barack Obama, and Muhammad Ali.

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Player Info

Full Name

Marcus Rashford MBE



Date Of Birth

October 31, 1998

Place Of Birth

Manchester, Engand  




Jamaican | Kittitian


1.80 m (5ft 11 in)

Marital Status



  • Melanie Maynard (Mother)
  • Robert Rashford (Father)



Professional Career

Current Team

Manchester United

Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)

  • Fletcher Moss Rangers
  • Manchester United


  • Main: Left Wing
  • Alternative: Centre Forward

Preferred Foot


Playing Style

Pacey Winger

Market Value


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