Joshua Kimmich Biography: Football Stardom, Girlfriend, Family

Joshua Walter Kimmich, commonly known as Joshua Walker, is a German footballer born on February 8, 1995, in Rottweil, Germany. He plays for Bayern Munich and internationally for his home country, Germany. He is considered to be one of the best midfielders in the world. 

With his outstanding passing ability, defensive prowess, and vision, Kimmich is a valued member of both his club and the German national team. He has been praised and compared to great players like Philipp Lahm because of his work ethic, endurance, and leadership abilities.

Joshua Kimmich: Early Life

Joshua Kimmich

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On February 8, 1995, Joshua Kimmich was born in the German town of Rottweil, which is located in the Baden-Württemberg area. Ideally, he got off to a great start when he was a little youngster. Kimmich grew up in the little village of Bosingen, which is located between the Black Forest and Baden-Wurttemberg’s capital, Stuttgart. Bosingen is a typical rural community where tiny boys find that the emptiness ends when they find a football at their feet. For Kimmich and the other lads in the village, football became a daily pastime.

 Kimmich showed a strong interest in football from an early age, which motivated him to join VfB Bösingen, his hometown team. His early skill and enthusiasm for the game led to his transfer to VfB Stuttgart’s youth program, one of the well-known teams in the area that is renowned for nurturing young potential. Scouts were impressed by his Stuttgart performance, and in 2013, he was moved to the youth team of RB Leipzig. His progression from the youth ranks to the professional ranks is indicative of his commitment to and love for the game of football.

Joshua Kimmich: Father 

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Berthold Kimmich is the father of Joshua Kimmich. Joshua’s football career has benefited from Berthold’s early encouragement of his growth and cultivation of his passion for the game. The encouragement and direction Joshua received from his family, especially his father, was crucial to his success as a professional football player.

Joshua Kimmich: Mother

Anja Kimmich is the mother of Joshua Kimmich. Her mother is responsible for naming her son “Joshua,” who is considered the servant of Moses in the Bible. Similar to his father, Anja has encouraged and supported Joshua during his football career, offering guidance and support. 

Joshua Kimmich: Sister

Joshua Kimmich has one sister named Deborah Kimmich; she has pretty long blonde hair and a well-fitted body. Deborah is also an important person for Kimmich’s success being a professional footballer. He was raised in a loving family setting with his sister Deborah, who encouraged his football skills from an early age.

Does Joshua Kimmich have a girlfriend?

Joshua Kimmich's girlfriend
During the marriage ceremony of Lina and Kimmich

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Joshua Kimmich is married to his long-term girlfriend, Lina Meyer. Swedish parents raised Lina Mayer in Rottweil, Germany. She excelled intellectually from a young age and pursued a legal education following high school. But her love for volleyball was evident, and she ultimately made the decision to pursue a career in it. Like Joshua Kimmich, Lina ascended to prominence rapidly. However, all completely changed in 2019, when her baby boy was born. 

The couple got married in June 2022.  They met during Joshua Kimmich’s time at RB Leipzig, where Lina Meyer was studying law. They met in the year 2013. The two fell in love right away and began dating shortly after.  They have four beautiful children, a son who was born in 2019,  a daughter born in 2020, a third baby born in 2022, and their fourth baby being born in 2024.

Joshua Kimmich: Club Career

Joshua Kimmich

Over his club career, Joshua Kimmich has advanced from youth academies to become a vital member of one of the best football teams in the world. Kimmich started playing football with VfB Bösingen, a local team. He relocated to the youth program of VfB Stuttgart, where he honed his abilities and attracted much notice for his brilliance. In the 3. Liga, Kimmich made his professional debut after joining RB Leipzig in 2013. His contribution to the team’s promotion to the 2. Bundesliga was pivotal. Kimmich made 53 appearances and scored 3 goals while at Leipzig. Due to his young personality and dominance, he got the opportunity to join Bayern in 2015 by meeting PepGuardiola, as he recalls the memory of meeting him.

 ‘I want you in my Bayern team’ he said, ‘That’s the moment I will never forget. Since then, he has become a father figure to me.’

He became well-known for his versatility early on, starting off as a right-back before switching to a central midfield position.

Joshua Kimmich: International Career

Joshua Kimmich

Since making his debut for the German national team in 2016, Joshua Kimmich has emerged as a significant player. He has competed for Germany in several important competitions, such as the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European Championship. Kimmich, who is well-known for his mobility and leadership abilities, has played defense and midfield among other positions, showcasing his tactical awareness and versatility. To this date,  he has altogether played 84 international matches for Germany.

 His accurate passing, defensive skill, and ability to influence play have earned him praise and an important role on the national team. Kimmich is still an important member of Germany’s team as they aim for victory abroad.

Is Joshua Kimmich leaving Bayern and joining Barcelona?

The 29-year-old Kimmich is getting close to the end of his Bayern Munich contract and is frequently mentioned in connection with a departure from the Allianz Arena. Kimmich and Flick collaborated at Bayern and with the German national team. Flick is expected to take over for Xavi in the near future and is excited to sign Kimmich as his first player. Negotiations have currently failed due to financial constraints, though.

 When this was asked, he said, “At the moment, I am not thinking about this. I want to talk to Bayern. But of course, Real Madrid and Barcelona are amazing clubs with great history.”

What is Kimmich doing next?

Kimmich and his Bayern teammates had a dismal conclusion to the 2023–24 season as they finished fourth in the Bundesliga and lost to Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the Champions League. The adaptable midfield player will now concentrate on representing Germany in Euro 2024.

Did Bayern Munich win the Champions League?

Bayern Munich went to the semi-finals with Real Madrid. However, Bayern didn’t make it to the finals and lost the trophy. But Bayern has won the UEFA Champions League (UCL) 6 times in total.

Why does Kimmich have a black eye?

Joshua Kimmich
Kimmich black eyes

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Joshua Kimmich’s black eye stemmed from a collision with his teammate Marcel Sabitzer during the first half of a match, i.e., the UEFA Champions League. After losing to Bayern Munich 0–2, Inter Milan might have been the team to come out with a battered ego. However, Joshua Kimmich of Bayern was the one with a very black eye following the game.  Despite this, Kimmich was assessed by the physiotherapists and opted to continue playing, completing the entire 90 minutes on the field.

Why did Joshua Kimmich reject Barcelona?

According to the Spanish publication SPORT, Kimmich is not satisfied with the amount of money that the Spanish giants have offered. Barcelona is unable to match the German international’s present salary of about £17 million ($21 million) annually. The money that the Catalan-based team can spend on other sections of the squad is limited because they will be paying Robert Lewandowski approximately £25 million ($33 million) next season.

Joshua Kimmich: Personal Life

His full name is Joshua Walter Kimmich. He is an Aquarius. He leads a relatively personal life. Kimmich is close to his parents and his sister. According to his parents,  he was born quiet and shy but can be energetic with time. Kimmich likes to spend time with his family and friends when he’s not playing football. In addition, he has shown an interest in environmental concerns and participated in sustainability-related projects.

Kimmich has a reputation for being active in the community. He has actively assisted individuals in need both locally and internationally and has supported several organizations. Kimmich keeps his personal life low-key, concentrating mostly on his family, personal hobbies, and football career.

What is Joshua Kimmich’s net worth?

Joshua Kimmich, who plays for Bayern Munich, earns around £288,000 per week and £14,976,000 annually. The contract between the club and him expires on June 30, 2025, due to which rumors are taking a peek of Kimmich transferring to Barcelona.

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Joshua Walter Kimmich



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February 8, 1995

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Rottweil, Germany




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  • Anja Kimmich (Mother)
  • Berthold Kimmich(Father)


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FC Bayern Munich

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  • VfB Bösingen
  • VfB Stuttgart 
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