Gabriel Jesus Untold Story: Mother, Football Journey, Girlfriend, Salary

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Gabriel Fernando de Jesus, commonly known as Gabriel Jesus, was born on April 3, 1997. He was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to a poor family. He is a Brazilian footballer. He is known for his versatility as a forward for Premier League club Arsenal. He currently wears jersey number 9 for both of his teams.

His rise from the impoverished slums of Jardim Peri to the pinnacles of European football is the embodiment of the Brazilian football dream, typified by talent, tenacity, and an unwavering love for the game.

Jesus is a valuable asset who allows for tactical versatility because of his ability to play across multiple attacking positions. He competes for Brazil internationally and has been essential in a number of competitions, such as the Copa América. 

Gabriel Jesus: Early Life

Gabriel Jesus: Early Life

Jesus, who was born in 1997 in Sao Paulo, was raised in the Jardim Peri favelas in the Cachoeirinha neighborhood in poor condition because his mother Vera raised him and his two brothers alone.

Any free time he had, like many youngsters his age, was spent playing barefoot on concrete streets, developing the talents that would make him a star player from a young age.  He demonstrated his skill and tenacity by playing street football and competing in neighborhood competitions. Coaches in the area were impressed by his ability, and he was enrolled in multiple young football programs.

He said in an interview that the seniors used to bully him when they played football because they thought he was embarrassing them when he would nutmeg them on the field.

Gabriel Jesus: Mother

Gabriel Jesus: Mother

Gabriel Jesus’ mother is a single mother who handled her kids on her own. Her name is Vera Lucia Diniz de Jesus. The football player’s mother put a lot of effort into raising her kids. She made an effort to attend all of his games, including those in the neighborhood and the Sao Paulo slums. She never stopped her son from pursuing his aspirations, and she gave him an education to help him avoid the vices and bad habits of a low-income community. Occasionally, the most nourishment she could manage to get her kids in a single day was a single sandwich and a soda, which she would then divide among four people.

He said, “Every time I score a goal, my mother calls me. As soon as the ball touches the net, the phone rings, It doesn’t matter whether she’s at home or she’s in the stadium watching me. So i run to the corner pennant, put my hand to my ear, and say, ‘Hi Mom’’.

Diniz de Jesus, the father of Gabriel Jesus, was a major influence in his life, even though he died when Gabriel was very little. 

Gabriel Jesus: Siblings

Gabriel Jesus: Siblings

He has two brothers, named Felipe Jesus and Caique Jesus. While Filipe and Gabriel may occasionally be spotted together at events or on social media, Filipe does not maintain the same public presence as Gabriel.

Gabriel Jesus has periodically brought up Caique Jesus in interviews and posts on social media. These references frequently emphasize Gabriel’s value of family and the close relationship the siblings share.

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Gabriel Jesus: Club career

Gabriel Jesus: Club career

Palmeiras (2015-2017)

From 2015 to 2017, Gabriel Jesus played for Palmeiras, one of the best teams in Brazil, at the start of his professional career. He played a key role in Palmeiras’ victories in the 2015 Copa do Brasil and the 2016 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A. Several European clubs were drawn to his talents, which resulted in his transfer to Manchester City.

Manchester City (2017-2022)

Jesus earned an Olympic gold medal in Rio in 2016. When he scored three goals, major European leagues took notice. Manchester City signed him for 36 million dollars after the competition, which is a pretty expensive amount considering his market value. Upon leaving City, he won four Premier League titles.

Arsenal (2022–present)

Gabriel Jesus moved to Arsenal, another Premier League team, in July 2022, and he has since been a vital forward for them. His signing with Arsenal was a component of the team’s plan to improve their offensive capabilities and challenge for the best titles in English and European football.

Gabriel Jesus: International Career

Gabriel Jesus: International Career

The Brazilian national team’s international career of Gabriel Jesus has been characterized by noteworthy accomplishments and flashes of genius. Jesus made his senior debut in September 2016 and became an important member of the Brazilian team very soon after. During the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifications, his skill, mobility, and goal-scoring ability were crucial in securing Brazil’s berth in the competition.

During the 2019 Copa América, he put on one of his best performances and was instrumental in Brazil’s victory. Jesus made an impact with goals and assists, including a crucial showing against Peru in the championship game, where he assisted and scored to help Brazil win their first Copa América in twelve years. He has continued to be a vital member of the national squad despite coming under fire for his lack of goals during the 2018 World Cup, exhibiting tenacity and dedication.

Gabriel Jesus is still a key player in Brazil’s offense, helping them in their continuous pursuit of world championship success.

Gabriel Jesus: Education

Like many teenage athletes in Brazil, Gabriel Jesus’s schooling was divided between his budding football career and academic endeavors. Raised in São Paulo’s difficult Jardim Peri area, Gabriel attended neighborhood schools, where he showed an early interest in football. He continued to be dedicated to his studies despite the rigorous schedule of training and matches, realizing the value of education as instilled by his mother, Vera Lúcia.

His development as a person was greatly aided by the discipline and perseverance he acquired in school, even if his main concentration was on improving his football talents. The regimented school setting aided in his development of the self-control required for professional athletics. Gabriel’s story brings to light the difficult balancing act many young athletes have to take between their aspirations for sports success and their academic obligations. Even though he finally made his career in football his main focus, the principles he learned in school still have an impact on his outlook on life and character.

Gabriel Jesus: Relationship

Gabriel Jesus: Relationship

In a romantic sense, Gabriel has been connected to multiple partnerships, he is in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Raiane Lima, who is an Instagram influencer. They had welcomed their baby daughter in 2022. They had a serious breakup in 2023 but now they are together again and can be seen sharing their happy moments together along with their beautiful daughter. It can be seen that Raiane is a supportive girlfriend, as she is always spotted at the football games of Gabriel Jesus. 

She is active on social media and can be seen sharing posts frequently. She has 413k followers on her Instagram, which is from the name raianelima8

Gabriel Jesus: Playing Style

Gabriel Jesus is a great asset to his club and his country because of his energetic and adaptable playing style. Jesus is mostly a forward, but he can also play as a winger, secondary striker, or central striker, among other attacking positions. In addition to his excellent sense of placement that enables him to be in the right place at the right time to score goals, his agility and fast footwork allow him to maneuver through tight defenses.

Gabriel Jesus: Personal Life

Gabriel Jesus was seen painting in his colony, Brazil, during the World Cup. Gabriel went from a 16-year-old painter to a 20-year-old football star, and he thanks his mother for being supportive. He came from a very poor family, as his mother needed support to take care of her children, but she raised them on her own, and now Jesus has become a professional footballer, due to which he can take care of her and give her anything she needs.  

Along with two buddies, Gabriel Jesus traveled to England with his mother and elder brother. He is said to have chosen to wear the number 33 in observance of the age at which Jesus Christ is thought to have been executed. In August 2016, he and Neymar received identical tattoos of a youngster looking over a favela. Despite a few romantic connections being connected to him, he usually stays out of the public eye when it comes to his personal life.

Gabriel Jesus: Salary

In 2022, Gabriel Jesus agreed to a £68,500,000 five-year contract with Arsenal. Jesus’ weekly wage for the 2022–2023 season is £265,000, or £13,700,000 annually.

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Player Info

Full Name

Gabriel Fernando de Jesus



Date Of Birth

April 3, 1997

Place Of Birth

Sao Paulo, Brazil






1.75 m

Marital Status



  • Vera Lucia Diniz de Jesus (mother)
  • Diniz de Jesus (Father)



Professional Career

Current Team


Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)

  • Palmeiras (2015-2017)
  • Manchester City (2017-2022)
  • Arsenal (2022- Present)


Attack – Centre-Forward

Preferred Foot


Playing Style

Central Striker or Winger

Market Value


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