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Frank Anguissa: Every football fan loves a good underdog story. Napoli’s incredible run in the Champions League campaign of the 2022/23 season along with their awe-inspiring Serie A win is a very strong contender for the most splendid underdog story. The first-hand witness of this remarkable tale is the Cameroonian tank, Andre-Frank Zambo Anguissa who donned their midfield and proved to be an exemplar on the pitch. Though still 28 years old, he still has a lot to give and it’s natural to be more curious about his beginnings and rise to fame.

In this article, Goal 90 presents you with a complete package of Frank Anguissa’s biography that covers his childhood stories, and untold facts and also sheds light on intriguing details about his personal life which includes his family, religion, wife, net worth, and so on. Keep scrolling to satiate your appetite for more ball knowledge.

Frank Anguissa Family

He is one of six children born to the blissful marital union of Louis and Juliette Anguissa. Frank comes from a lively household where he lived under the roof alongside three brothers and two sisters, further details about their names, ages, careers, and so on remain undisclosed.

Unwavering Support from Family

Every dream needs a plan and every dreamer needs a believer. The one who blindly believed in Frank was his father, who staunchly supported his dream of perhaps one day becoming a world-renowned football player. As success ensued, he gifted his father a mansion as an indicator of his gratitude for all those years of backing. Wanting to see her son excel in academics instead of pursuing a career in Football, her mother soon became one of the believers as she saw just how dedicated the young man was in his aspirations to set a name for himself. He found even more comforting support from his siblings who were his most passionate fans from the very first day.


He comes from Cameroon’s South in Yaounde. The city is a hub of many different ethnic groups and tribes – all coexisting in peace and harmony. However, given his background, it is possible that he belongs to the Yaounde Fang group.

Childhood and Early Life

This section briefly covers the background and growing years of Frank Anguissa. Like many other big names in African Football, Frank’s story is another epic tale of hustle, grind, and unrelenting dedication.


Frank was born into a lower-middle-class household and never had the luxurious privilege of hosting a collection of expensive toys. His one and only toy was a soccer ball that his father got him. Life was one of simplicity for him in the early days as his parents made a modest income. However, his family was well-respected as his grandfather was his community’s chief and a noble figure.


Known to be a bashful boy with an innocent countenance, there was nothing he loved more than football. He saw football all around him, in every moving object – a tin or plastic lying on the floor was a prospective ball for him, and would kick anything that resembled it. His love for football was discovered at a very young age as he saw his brothers and uncles running after a ball. Any opportunity be it with his brothers or uncles to play a game of football was fully availed with no reservations. He would go as far as skipping school at times to play football.


Frank was one of the students at Anguissa Public School – an institute named after his grandfather. His parents made sure that he got his schooling smoothly and that football did not disturb him from it. While the young boy agreed to stay committed to education, his ardor for the beautiful game could simply not be put under the bus – a realization that occurred a bit later to his parents.

Career Build Up

Some players go through oscillatory periods of trial and error while others being generational talents swim through with ease. The latter scenario was one that Frank wished he had lived through but the former is what makes him the successful man he is today. This section covers some lesser-known details in his rise to fame and also sheds light on his unique style of play.

Surfing The Tides

His football story began with AS Fortuna, a local football school. During his time there, he took part in Cameroon’s national G8 talent tournament – hosting over 160 players. His brilliance on the pitch caught the eye of Djibrila Alain, a scout from Coton Sport FC who approached the young boy to join them. In a negotiation with his parents, the two repeatedly stated that his studies are not to be compromised, to which Djibrila concurred. A new chapter began as he joined Coton Sport. He says about his former protege:

“What struck me first about him was his technical ease with the ball. As Frank was disciplined and his talent began to be recognized, they allowed him to pursue his dream.”

At another G8 tournament, he was handpicked as the best player and was approached by European scouts this time – from clubs like Marseille, Sampdoria, Nantes, Lille, and others. However, he was not signed by any of them and this left him shattered. Djibrilia recalls this incident in an interview:

He was really downhearted and in tears by the end of the match” , said Djibrilla.

I had to comfort him at length to calm him down and make him realize that he had the whole future ahead of him.”

He was recommended to Reims on a loan transfer to which he gladly agreed. However, he failed to adapt to the new environment and his gaffer too began losing his patience. Henceforward, he was sold to Marseille.

Made For The Big Stage

His move to Marseille wasn’t finalized, he trained with the reserves under Marcelo Bielsa’s assistant and was carefully analyzed. Seeing that he was a good fit for the squad, he was given a contract and promoted to the first team. At Marseille, he developed a solid duo with Luiz Gustavo and together they enjoyed a successful 2017/18 campaign. This tempted Fulham to seek a move for him which materialized in the summer of 2018. He had a tough first season which was blighted by injuries and was loaned to Villareal in the season that followed.

In his first season at Villareal, he enjoyed a fifth-place finish, carving out a place in the UEFA Europa League. His palatial output on the pitch earned him a chance to go at it again with Fulham. However, he was loaned to Napoli a year later and his transfer was made permanent. In his second season, he bagged the Serie A title and was pretty much the face of that Napoli midfield. His terrific form earned him a spot in Cameroon’s squad for the 2022 World Cup, where they could only manage a third-place finish in the group stage.

Style of Play

His box-to-box abilities have him up there as one of the world’s best. Though he wasn’t spoken of much – he was instrumental in Napoli’s Scudetto triumph in the 2022/23 season, providing their backline with support and the attacking ranks with direction. Fear is a word that can’t be found in his dictionary as his strong tackling sets him apart from the rest. He draws inspiration from Manchester City’s finest Yaya Toure about whom he has the following to say:

“He [Yaya Toure] inspires me. He collects balls, is ‘box to box’ and scores goals. He’s the ideal model.

Personal Life


For some football players, religion and personal values are at the very cynosure of their lives. Frank Anguissa is no such exception to this general rule as he is a devoted Christian. He has a cross tattooed just below his navel and has the following to say about his religiosity:

“Though I may not have to always go to Church, I always say my prayers.”

Who is Frank Anguissa’s Wife?

Though his marital status is not known, he is, however, in a relationship with two kids. His partner’s name is Patricia. The latter has been his unshakable pillar of support, having been by his side on the lowest of lows and the highest of highs.

Lifestyle and Personality

Despite being introverted, Frank exhibits positive energy wherever he is. Be it in the form of his fashion sense or a good night out with friends. He is also a family-oriented man who prefers spending his wealth on household members.

An increment in the physical demands of the game has prompted players to put in more hours of effort to keep their bodies invigorated. Frank being a holding midfielder cannot be excused for any weakness in his field as his game is a mix of explosiveness and 1v1 confrontations. To strike a balance, he follows a strict workout routine to ensure he stays in apex form throughout the year. The caption ‘No Pain, No Gain’ on the clips sums it all up.


In this section, we will be going over some commonly asked questions with respect to Frank Anguissa.

  • Does Frank Anguissa have tattoos?

He has an embellished display of chest, sleeve, and oblique tattoos.

  • What is Frank Anguissa’s rating in EA Sports FC 24?

He has an overall rating of 83.

  • What is Frank Anguissa’s net worth?

His net worth is close to $1 million.

  • How many Languages does Frank Anguissa speak?

He is trilingual. He speaks fluent French, English and Italian.

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Frank Anguissa

Player Info

Full Name

Andre-Frank Zambo Anguissa



Date Of Birth

November 16, 1995

Place Of Birth

Yaounde, Cameroon




Yaounde Fang


6ft 0in (1.83cm)

Marital Status



  • Juliette Mere De Frank (Mother)
  • Louis Pere De Frank (Father)


Professional Career

Current Team


Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)

  • AS Fortuna
  • Coton Sport


Central Defensive Midfielder

Preferred Foot


Playing Style

Box to Box

Market Value

€40 Milllion

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