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At a given moment, you’re on the top of the world and at another, the burden of the entire world seems to be on your shoulders. A situation that Bukayo Saka has lived through following his infamous penalty miss in the final of the 2020 Euros. However, he simply cannot be disregarded as he has proven himself to be a big game player time and time again.

Whether you’re an Arsenal fan or a general enjoyer of the beautiful game, we are here to whet your hunger for information. In this article, we will be going over Bukayo Saka’s biography, childhood, girlfriend, family, ethnicity and so on. Keep scrolling to get better acquainted with ‘Little Chilli.’

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Bukayo Saka Family

Bukayo Saka is the youngest of two boys and born to Yomi and Adenike Saka. His older brother named Abayomi Saka was also big into Football – representing Watford at youth levels. However, the older brother felt that going professional was just not for him and instead decided to pursue his degree rather than continuing football. The younger brother Bukayo begged to differ and the rest is history.

Father’s Unwavering Support

Arsenal’s star boy wouldn’t have ascended to such glorious horizons had it not been for the incessant support of his biggest fan, his pops Yomi. Upon scoring his first senior goal for Arsenal, the young ace couldn’t hold himself in and was overwhelmed with feelings of cryptic euphoria. This prompted a Facetime call as soon as he stepped into the dressing room. Like him, his father was just as excited. Speaking of his loving father following the game, he says:

“He’s a massive inspiration for me. From when I was young, he always kept me grounded, kept me humble and I’m sure he’ll see some criticisms from tonight, something I can get better from but I’m sure I would have made him happy.”


 Bukayo Saka

His family comes from a Nigerian background. Bukayo does not shy away from embracing his ancestral heritage as he frequently visits Nigeria – connecting to his roots and being the guiding lantern for up-and-coming ballers from there. Moreover, he was eligible to play for the Nigerian national team and strongly considered it like his ex-Arsenal compatriot Alex Iwobi. He shares some insight on that brief period of precariousness:

“I will tell you this. I was very close to playing for one of (Nigeria’s) youth teams in 2019.

It was the wish of my father but things happen and you have to live with your decisions.

I feel very much Nigerian and nothing can change that”


Ealing, West London is where Arsenal’s star boy’s birth was declared. His story is an interesting one as his parents migrated to London from Nigeria. From a very young age, he shared a closely knit bond with his older brother as the two found themselves playing football. Love for the beautiful game was discovered very early on by Little Chilli who would carry this affection to even greater extents.

Upon noticing the young boy’s ebullient passion for the game, his parents got him into Grassroots football. However, it was soon clear to the onlookers that he was too good to be staying there and he was advised by his uncle to join a local team. Greenford Celtic’s football academy was a considerably popular one in London which was soon to be Bukayo’s new home.


Like most kids in London, he got his schooling from one of the local institutes. He attended Edward Betham Church of England Primary school before transferring to Greenford High School. A bright student, he secured 4A*s and 3As in his GCSEs. In an interview, his teacher gave some insight into Bukayo Saka’s academic performance and classroom mannerisms.

Even during his school days, he took part in football events with great zeal and vigor. He was his primary school’s team’s captain and his team was the first to win the ‘Peal Shield’ football tournament. Speaking of his technical and athletic brilliance, his former PE coach says:

“He had the full package of skill, was athletic and understood the rules of the game so well,”

Career Build-up

Aiming For The Stars

His long journey took shape when he joined Watford in the latter years of his childhood. He tried at several clubs in London but his parents chose Watford as it was the closest to their residence. At Watford, Little Chilli developed a very good friendship with Jadon Sancho – a bond that has not severed to this very day as the two are still close. His story with Watford stretched for two years till he began looking for a new, more competitive environment.

The strong ambitions to succeed found him attempting trials at Arsenal that he would go on to pass at the very first attempt. It was Arsenal’s Hale End academy that he ended up joining at 7 years of age. With his fancy skills and tricks, he left all his mates and coaches in awe and very soon went on to become their best player. Shortly after, he was promoted to captaincy and won several accolades along the way. During his time there, he built the foundation of a very close relationship with Freddie Ljunberg, a Swedish coach and ex-Footballer. He learnt a great deal of moral and sporting lessons from the mentorship of Freddie.

At the Top of The World

His big moment would come in the summer of 2018 as he was promoted to Arsenal’s first team. Shortly after, he made his debut and would even go on to score a goal. His first season was a resounding success – even making an appearance in the UEFA Europa League Final, though his team came out as second best on that night, there were several lessons he took home from that game against Chelsea.

Very soon, he had become Arsenal’s focal point of attack and was ordained the number 7 jersey previously bossed by icons of the club, Robert Pires and Alexis Sanchez. He tasted his first piece of silverware with the Gunners in 2021 with a triumph in the FA Cup. During this period, he was also called up to the England National Team for the Euros where he finished as a runner-up – missing the last and the most crucial penalty in the final. Moreover, he was also included in England’s World Cup squad and got on the scoresheet against IR Iran. He has since become a regular starter for the Three Lions.

Style of Play

Phil Foden, Mason Mount, Jadon Sancho, Jarrod Bowen, James Maddison, and Jack Grealish are all incredible players who would break into the first eleven of any top team in Europe. However, managing them all in the same team can be a bit of a headache – although Gareth Southgate might disagree. He is very clear with his choices on the wings and prefers Bukayo Saka on the right flank over the likes of Phil Foden and Jarrod Bowen. Consistency and dedication at Bukayo’s end are important elements that have convinced the England NT’s manager but it also goes to show his remarkable qualities as a player.

For Arsenal fans, they see hints of Thierry Henry in him and for England fans, he’s Bukayo Saka, The First. An incredible dribbler, he is up there as one of the world’s best. He likes to cut and take a shot – if he succeeds, you can only hope the keeper gets his hands on it. Furthermore, he is also an incredible playmaker who dictates Arsenal’s attacking tempo along with Martin Ødegaard. The fluidity and dynamics that he offers on the pitch doesn’t make it too difficult to see why he starts over Phil Foden.

Personal Life

Marital Status

Saka is currently unmarried but is rumored to be dating a Nigerian social media model and influencer named Tolami Benson. The two have been spotted together in several pictures but perhaps the one that caught the most eyeballs was when the two were spotted together at an England game. His dating history remains unknown for two possible reasons. Firstly, he prefers privacy and generally speaking, does not disclose details about his personal life as stardom can usually land people in discussions and gossip that might otherwise cause unsolicited itching or disturbances. Secondly, he is focused on developing as a footballer and prefers devoting more time and energy there.


Saka comes from a Christian background and is a devout follower of Christ. He grew up with a strong Christian ethos as he attended Edward Betham Church of England Primary School – an institution laden with strong Christ-adhering values. Speaking of his religious background, he says:

“I grew up in a Christian family who believe strongly in God. This always made me curious to get to know God more and I have done so by reading my Bible a lot and going to church a lot over the years. My faith is constantly being exercised when I’m put in different situations or I play in big football matches such as my England debut,”

“Before every game, I ask God to help me play well, help my team, and try to score a goal or assist a goal and he answers my prayers so this is why I point to the sky to thank him.”

Lifestyle and Personality

Despite his spectacular rise in football, he is still a very humble individual. Little Chilli has a likable personality and is very easy to get along with. He respects his older colleagues and takes notes from their pieces of advice. In an interview linked below, Alex Iwobi explains just how humble the young lad is:

Outside of football, he enjoys playing video games. His personal favorite is Fifa and is usually found playing it with his friends. Linked below is a clip of him with Jack Grealish playing with Tekkz & Tom, famous Fifa YouTubers from the UK.

Charity and Philanthropy

Bukayo Saka is a great footballer but beyond that, he is an even greater human being. Coming from a background where his parents had to struggle in order to assimilate in a foreign land, he has a soft spot for those in need. Like his England compatriot Marcus Rashford, he also works with several non-profit and charity organizations to bring positive change in society. For instance, he collaborated with BigShoe to help 120 children in Nigeria with life-changing operations – so that they may see a brighter tomorrow. It’s not hard to see why he’s class on and off the pitch.

Trivia / FAQs

  • Who are Bukayo Saka’s idols?

Growing up, Bukayo Saka was a deep admirer of Cristiano Ronaldo and Thierry Henry.

  • Does Bukayo have any Tattoos?

As of late, he has no Tattoos.

  • What does Bukayo Saka’s name mean?

His name means ‘Adds to happiness’ which is derived from an indigenous Nigerian language, Yoruba.

  • What is Bukayo Saka’s rating in EA Sports FC 24?

Bukayo Saka has an overall rating of 86 in Fifa.

  • How many languages does Bukayo Saka speak?

He speaks fluent English and a little bit of Yoruba

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Player Info

Full Name

Bukayo Ayoyinka Temidayo Saka


Little Chilli

Date Of Birth

September 5, 2001

Place Of Birth

Ealing, London, England






5ft 10in (1.78m)

Marital Status



  • Yomi Saka (Father)
  • Adenike Saka (Mother)



Professional Career

Current Team


Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)

  • Greenford Celtic
  • Watford 
  • Arsenal



Preferred Foot


Playing Style

  • Dribbler
  • Playmaker
  • Cut N’ Shoot

Market Value

€120 Million

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