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This article is an expedition into the compelling life and exhilarating ascent of Brian Brobbey, a burgeoning football talent whose story unfolds like a captivating narrative, from the cobbled streets of Amsterdam to the dazzling stadiums of professional football.

GOAL 90 explores the style of play, ethnicity, personal life, childhood, siblings, girlfriend and a lot more in this article.

Brian Brobbey Early Life

Brian Brobbey

In the heart of Amsterdam, a city that breathes football, Brian’s journey began. The vibrant streets, bustling with life, formed the backdrop to his story. Born to father Mr. Brobbey and mother Justin Kluivert, whose Ghanaian heritage anchored them to Africa, Brian’s love for football sprouted from the core of his being.

Growing up with three elder brothers in the football-centric atmosphere of Amsterdam, Brian’s fascination with the sport was inevitable. What started as a mere interest soon evolved into a fiery passion, becoming an integral part of his life.

Picture this: a young Brian, not just kicking the ball on the streets but turning his own home into a football arena. Among cheers and laughter, they played, but sometimes, a stray ball led to broken window panes and toppled vases—a testament to their dedication to the game.

Role of Parents

Throughout his journey, his motherJustin Kluivert and father Mr. Brobbey stood steadfastly by his side, tirelessly supporting Brian’s dreams. Their unwavering encouragement and sacrifices laid the groundwork for Brian’s aspirations to soar high in the sky of football’s stars. And so, against the backdrop of Amsterdam’s passion for football, Brian’s story of ambition, family, and football commenced its remarkable tale.

By the age of eight, Brian’s footballing journey embarked on a professional path. Starting his youth career in AFC in 2010, he swiftly made his mark at Ajax later that same year. His talent and dedication were evident even at this tender age, marking the beginnings of a promising future in the world of football.


The dedication of his parents are not restrained to just football, as they had enrolled little Brian into one of the best institutes of Amsterdam, however the specific name of the institute is yet to be known. 

Football fanatics are always interested in the education of their favourite players, since it could be something they could wholeheartedly relate to on a personal level. Our research is always ongoing in these scenarios. 

How Tall is Brian Brobbey?

Brian Brobbey is 1.80m or 5 ’11 in feet. His height being in the cross section of not being too tall or short helps him dribble well and at the same time win duels, and physical battles. Helping him in link-up play, contributing defensively and materialising his poacher instincts into goals. 


Brian’s trio of companions, Samuel Brobbey, Kevin Luckassen, and Derrick Luckassen, shared a kinship forged through football. Whether siblings or cousins, their bond was unbreakable, nurtured on the streets of Amsterdam. As professional footballers themselves, their household buzzed with football fervour, a natural outcome in a city deeply entrenched in the sport. Together, they turned their home into a haven where football discussions and dreams thrived, echoing the shared passion that defined their lives. In this household of football aficionados, Brian found not just family but lifelong allies united by the love for the beautiful game.


Brian Brobbey, aged 21, values privacy, maintaining a discreet personal life. Uncommitted romantically, he channels his on-field maturity into his career. His unwavering dedication to football manifests in his single-minded focus, aiming for the prestigious Premier League and beyond. This commitment, reminiscent of his on-pitch prowess, underlines his relentless pursuit of success in the footballing realm. Presently, his priority is crystal clear: dedicating himself entirely to the beautiful game, leaving personal relationships aside as he aims to scale the heights of footballing excellence.

Rise to Prominence

Brian Brobbey

Brian’s meteoric rise within Ajax’s youth setup was nothing short of remarkable, showcasing an unparalleled knack for scoring goals. From his U17 debut, he amassed an astounding tally of 84 goals in 103 games, showcasing his sheer talent up to the U21 level.

His transition to the senior team in October 2020 was nothing short of electrifying. Marking his debut with a goal against Fortuna Sittard, Brian announced his arrival on the grand stage with flair. Notably, his contributions to his national team’s victories in the U17 Euros of 2018 and 2019 underscored his impact on the international stage at a young age.

Homecoming success

A brief stint at Leipzig preceded his triumphant return to Ajax on a six-month loan, where he wasted no time in leaving an indelible mark. Scoring eight goals in 14 games during this loan spell prompted Ajax to secure his services permanently for a substantial €16.35 million.

Since the significant signing, Brian has been a consistent presence in Ajax’s lineup, showcasing his prowess with 7 goals and 4 assists in 19 games during the 2023/24 season. His consistent performance on the field substantiates his place among the footballing elite, exemplifying his remarkable journey from the youth ranks to becoming an invaluable asset at Ajax. As he continues to evolve and excel, his statistics stand as testaments to his burgeoning talent and unwavering commitment to the beautiful game.

Style of Play

Brian Brobbey’s versatility as a striker is his defining trait. His incredible speed and adept dribbling skills set him apart, making him a dynamic force on the field. Not just limited to forward play, Brian is adept at playing with his back to the goal, adding depth to his gameplay.

His contributions aren’t restricted to attacking prowess alone; defensively, Brian remains an asset to his team. Despite his age, his exceptional spatial awareness showcases an elite level of understanding of the game’s dynamics. A natural knack for finding scoring positions coupled with a penchant for goal-scoring emphasises his exceptional positional sense and game reading ability, qualities revered by his coaches. Brian’s multifaceted skill set, blending speed, technical finesse, defensive prowess, and astute game awareness, solidifies his status as a potent and versatile striker on the rise.


  • Didier Drogba is Brian’s idol; he used to watch Drogba’s goals and highlights on YouTube during his childhood.
  • Siem de Jong holds a special place as Brian’s favourite Ajax player during his formative years.
  • Brian enjoys playing FIFA, expressing a fondness for the game.
  • Preferring series over movies, Brian mentions a preference for watching a couple of 20 or 40-minute episodes rather than a full-length 2-hour movie.

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Aravind Nair

Aravind Nair

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Player Info

Full Name

Brian Ebenezer Adjei Brobbey


Big Brobber | Brobbeast

Date Of Birth

February 1, 2002

Place Of Birth

Amsterdam, Netherlands






1.80 m (5ft 11 in)

Marital Status



  • Mr. Brobbey (Father)
  • Justin Kluivert (Mother)





Professional Career

Current Team

Ajax Amsterdam

Club Jersey Num


National Team


Youth Team(s)

  • AFC
  • Ajax



Preferred Foot


Playing Style

Mobile Striker

Market Value

€12.00 Million

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